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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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iMow – Intelligent lawn care

The new VIKING iMow is equipped with dynamic mowing plan and intelligent charging system, the MI 632 mows lawns up to 3,000 m² within a short time.

MI 632  710px.jpg You say when, iMow: A lawn area of 1,000 m² for example within just 15 hours a week. Within a set timeframe (the so-called active time) it decides wehter to catch up with an aborted mowing operation at a later date (e.g. in case of rain).


Technical specifications

Ideal lawn area (up to approx.) m² 1.000
Maximum lawn area (up to approx.) m² 3.000
Cutting width cm 30
Cutting height mm 20-60
Battery type Li-Ion
Working speed rpm 3.150
Machine weight kg 12.1
Battery capacity Wh 130
Average mowing time (per charged battery) min 90
Sound power level dB (A) 1) 63
Measured sound pressure level LpA dB (A) 50
Sound pressure level uncertainty factor KpA dB (A) 2

1) Does not come under the Noise Emissions Guideline 2000/14/EC


Standard equipment

  • Anti-theft alarm

    The iMow is equipped with a variety of sensors. As soon as someone attempts to lift the machine, it stops. To protect against theft, the iMow can be set so that it can only be operated after the entry of a PIN code.

  • Removable control panel

    Removable control panel The bright LCD display with intuitive user interface makes programming easy. It can be removed from the machine, which means that you don't have to bend over.

  • Docking station
    Docking station

    The docking station is the iMow’s home. When placed in a central and protected location in the garden, the iMow returns to charge up with energy or await the next active time.

  • Wheels with traction tread pattern

    Even in thicker grass areas and uneven terrain or gentle slopes, the iMow can make reliable progress.

  • Mulching blade
    Mulching blade

    When mowing the grass clippings stay on the lawn. They decompose and the nitrogen they contain is rapidly mineralised.The robust mulching blade remains sharp for an extremely long time. Every time the blade stops, it automatically changes its rotational direction, ensuring even wear. And when it does have to be replaced, you can do so tool-free.

  • Included in the standard equipment of MI 632
    Included in the standard equipment of MI 632

    Docking station, mowing blade, perimeter wire (150 m), fixing pins (200 pcs.), press-fit connectors (2 pcs.), wire connectors (3 pcs.)


Retrofitted equipment

  • iProtect canopy top
    iProtect canopy top

    In very sunny regions, the canopy provides an effective sunscreen protecting the iMow against direct sunlight extending its service life.


Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. VIKING reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment.

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